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Spring 2017 Registration FAQs


Q:  How much is it?

A:  Registration is $280 for the Fall season if you are purchasing a uniform pack (pinnie, game jersey and shorts/skirt).  If you are registering siblings who reside in the same household, each sibling receives a $25 discount.


Q:  Are there preferences on who gets to sign up?

A:  Couple points here:

  1. In the Fall, we open registration and its first come, first served until the initial roster fills.  When we choose from the waitlist, we give preference to those players and families who have played WJLA before.
  2. In the Spring, we give preference to those players who have played in the Fall before we open registration to everyone.


Q:  What is the time commitment?

A:  Practices start in August.  The season is over the last weekend in October.  


Girls play in MAYLA and New Town leagues and Boys play in MAYLA league.


Teams usually have two practices during the week after school.  Teams generally practice once each weekend beginning in August until the MAYLA/New Town game schedule begins.  Practices are usually at Dodgen or Dickerson. 


Q:  Can I help a team?

A:  Absolutely!  We are a volunteer organization, and our most pressing need is for coaches.  If you don’t know anything about lacrosse – it doesn’t matter – we’ll teach you!  We pay for all U.S. Lacrosse training for our coaches and their program is awesome.  Just reach out to Brian Wallace (Boy’s Commissioner – bwallace.tuck@gmail.com ) or Tina Quigley (Girls’ Commissioner – quigley_christina@yahoo.com ) and they’ll get you started.  Or just walk onto the field and introduce yourself to the head coach and mention you are interested in helping -- they’ll put you to work!


Q:  I don’t want to coach, are their other ways to help out?

A:  You bet.  We need help keeping the fields lined (bring an old pair of shoes).  Mark Aston runs field ops for the league and he has a small army of folks who usually line a couple times a season.  He also runs a cool pre-season meeting (usually at Sub-Tap) where he gives a presentation on the basics of the game for newcomers.  Mark's email is mark.aston@sbcglobal.com.  Each team needs one or two Team Managers (a.k.a. Team Moms or Dads) to help with communication, uniform distribution and other matters.  Please talk to your head coach to volunteer to be a Team Manager.


Q:  What about uniforms?

A:  If you register, each player will be issued a rec. uniform shorts (boys) or a skirt (girls) and a practice pinnie.  They are yours to keep.  While we reserve the right to change our policy, we are going to try to keep the Rec. uniforms unchanged until Fall 2017, so your player could theoretically use their uniform until then. 

Of course, if your player trashes the uniform, or outgrows it, or you simply want another, you can choose WITH UNIFORM PURCHASE registration and be issued another player pack.


Q:  How are teams chosen?

A:  If we have enough players and coaches to field more than one team in a division, then the teams are chosen by a coaches’ draft intending to make the teams as equal in talent as possible. 

Note that due to the sheer number of players we have to deal with, requests to play on the same team as friends or carpool buddies cannot be accommodated.  Siblings in the same grade division (Bantam, Lightning, Junior, Senior) are placed on the same team.


Q:  If I live outside the Walton School District, can my child play on a WJLA team?

A:  It depends.  First, we ask that if you play in your “home” program if your districted high school has a junior program that is fielding a team in your child’s grade bracket. 

Second, WJLA is the official feeder program for the Walton High School Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse programs and therefor give priority to those in district.  We ask that if you live outside the Walton District and you have no “home” program fielding a team in your child’s grade bracket, you register your child for WJLA but do not pay the registration fee until and unless we inform you we have roster space for your child.


Q:  What age/grade level do I register my child for?


Bantam is for players who will be in 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade in the Fall of 2017 (please see the Boys Bantam registration page for some more thoughts about 1st grade boys).

Lightning is for players who will be in 4th or 5th grade in the Fall of 2017.

Junior is for players who will be in 6th or 7th grade in the Fall of 2017.

Senior is for players who will be in 8th grade in the Fall of 2017.


Q:  My kid is already awesome at Lacrosse.  Can they “play up” to the next grade bracket?

A:  Please see the Walton Junior Lacrosse Association’s Age Group Policy under the documents tab.


Q:  What if I register, and later my player can't play or decides to do something else?

A:  Please see the Walton Junior Lacrosse Association’s Registration Fee Refund Policy under the documents tab.


Q:  Does Walton Junior Lacrosse have any other policies I'm agreeing to when I register?

A:  Yes.  We have a Social Media Policy and a Player, Parent/Guardian and Player Family Member Conduct Policy.  You can review those policies under the documents tab.  You are also agreeing that you have reviewed the Concussion Fact Sheets under the document tab.


Q:  I didn’t see my question.  Who can I ask?

A:  Email Chuck Haynie at cphjr23@gmail.com .